In today’s world it is highly impossible to have your daily activities and communications without a computer network.

Computers have played a very vital role in changing lives and how business work but the main and most important role is played by NETWORKS.

What is a Network?

A network is a group of two or more devices which are connected with each other and provide the benefit of sharing resources like storage, printers, files etc. Network also gives the ability to store information at a central location and then access the same from different location using different devices.

Devices are connected with one of these mediums namely: cables, wireless, satellite, telephone connection and radio waves.

Benefits of Networking

As mentioned in the above introduction of networking, we have multiple benefits of using networking. Some of them mentioned below:

File Sharing: With the use of networks, file sharing has become very easy and quick. In today’s world with the use of email you can send some files /letters to distant locations by the click of a button.

Resource Sharing: Resources can be shared, like Printers, Storage etc. Instead of having multiple printers connected to each employee’s desk, you can have a common printer that is on the network and shared for use by all the employees.

Reduce Costs: As mentioned in the above point, with an example of a printer, instead of having multiple printers, with the use of one printer you can cater the entire floor on the office. Thus this drastically reduces your cost.

Convenient or ease of management: If you are connected on a network, management becomes easy as other devices can be centrally managed from any one system sitting either in the same office or remotely sitting in some other location.

Data Sharing: With the use of common storage over the network, all clients or employees can store data in a common location and they can also share the information with others without actually taking the data on physical media like CD, pen drives, floppies etc.

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